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An Interview with Dr. Nik 🎤

Written by Portland Clinic of Natural Health on December 20, 2022

Interview :: Dr. Nik Belikoff-Strads, ND

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Q :: What influenced your decision to become a naturopathic doctor?

A :: A yearning to more wholesomely understand the human body’s tendencies towards illness and health.

Q :: Do you have a favorite therapy/treatment that you offer at PCNH?

A :: Currently it is Constitutional Hydrotherapy. Healing with contrast hot and cold water applications is a powerful therapy particularly for this colder, darker season because it supports healthy circulation and immune function.

Q :: When you start to have the sniffles or a scratchy throat, what first steps do you take at home to support your immunity?

A :: At the first signs of catching something I try to welcome a moment of acceptance and gratitude, because there may be a powerful healing opportunity ahead. Then if possible I will weigh work reductions with rest improvements, pay attention to internal hydration and consider nutritional support with vitamins A+C+D, zinc, quercetin, propolis, elderberry, and a mushroom formula.

Q:: What is your favorite thing about your practice as an N.D.?

A :: Supporting humans on their healing journeys.

Q :: What is most rewarding to you about being an N.D.?

A :: Witnessing and learning from everyone’s journey towards health and wellbeing.

Q :: What do you wish more people knew about natural medicine?

A :: The human body is beautifully complex and inherently super intelligent.

Q :: How do you define healing & health?

A :: Healing is a lifelong journey that our bodies are built for. Health is a balanced state of vitality, function, and wellbeing achieved by proper nourishment, environment, and the navigation of modern stressors.

Q :: When feeling low, what is a practice to lift the mood and spirits?

A :: Inviting more color into the flow of my day with a walk in the park, creating a colorful plate of food, treating myself to a bundle of flowers or diving into a coloring book.

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