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An Interview with our Dietician, Kassy 🍉

Written by Portland Clinic of Natural Health on March 21, 2023

Interview :: Kassy Montgomery, RDN

Q :: What influenced your decision to become a registered dietitian?

A :: My motivation for becoming a registered dietitian stemmed from my combined love of health and teaching.

When I was in high school I thought about becoming a high school health teacher. However after taking just one nutrition class I realized more specifically I wanted to teach about the ways diet and lifestyle could impact health.

I went forward with the idea. Of course, overtime my aims and practice have changed and morphed just like everything does. Today I work as an outpatient dietitian, using individualized one-on-one counseling to promote behavior change and help people achieve their health goals.

Q :: Do you have a favorite therapy/treatment that you offer at PCNH?

A :: My favorite test at PCNH is the Food Intolerance Evaluation. It is simple to take and gives you incredibly powerful information to dramatically improve your health.

After taking the test myself, and implementing the results, I noticed an extreme improvement in my own gastrointestinal health, energy levels, skin, and entire body. I believe deeply in the power of avoiding food intolerances to improve your overall wellbeing.

Q :: When you start to have the sniffles or a scratchy throat, what first steps do you take at home to support your immunity?

A ::

  1. Hydration- Lemon water with some salt
  2. Zinc- Supplementation
  3. Sleep- Aim for 8+ hours per night
  4. Stress- Decrease stress levels- Rest, Relax, Meditate
  5. Echinacea - In Tea Form for more Hydration
  6. Elderberry Syrup

Q:: What is your favorite thing about your practice as a dietitian?

A :: My down-to-earth approach .I am right here with you throughout this journey. I want to know about your life, what makes you tick, your family, your animals, all of it! I do my best to make everyone feel comfortable when they are with me and to have fun along the way!

My aim is to provide insight into where hope and healing lies and to teach how that is possible through diet and lifestyle. My practice comes from a place of acceptance, where we use mindfulness and non-attachment throughout to facilitate change.

Q :: What is most rewarding to you about being an dietitian?

A :: I love supporting people as they make changes to become more comfortable and confident in their own skin. I love watching people become healthier and happier versions of themselves.

There is beauty in taking something that can feel overwhelming and impossible, for example; managing a chronic disease, making well balanced dinners for a family or getting enough daily activity and making it not only achievable but enjoyable.

Q :: What do you wish more people knew about health/dietitians?

A :: We are not here to judge. We are here to help with where you are at now. The more you tell us, the more beneficial we can be to you.

The appointments we have together are yours! So please bring all of your questions and feel free to ask to go over specific topics. We are here to help you.

Q :: How do you define healing?

A :: Healing is a process. It doesn’t take a week, a month or even a year. It takes a lifetime. It is becoming intentional about your life and choosing yourself over and over again. It is truly loving yourself.

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