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Out with the Old…🥀

Written by Portland Clinic of Natural Health on January 3, 2023

…And in with the New!

Our intentions for the New Year and wishes for our patients.

A Message from PCNH for 2023:

Life gets hard–sometimes incredibly so–and these last few years have been no exception. If there is one thing we want to encourage you to do in this new year, it is to adopt an attitude of compassion–not just for others, but for yourself, too.

Shame keeps us stuck–stuck thinking we deserve less and are not worthy of something better. We are here to remind you that you deserve to feel better. In fact, you deserve to feel good!

Maybe your health has fallen down on your priority list and this has discouraged you. Or, perhaps you have noticed yourself slipping into old habits that you know are getting in the way of your ability to thrive. Whatever the case may be, please know that we are not here to judge you; in fact, you are exactly the person we want to support!

We are proud of our mission to elevate the health and well-being of all humanity, starting right here in Portland. If you know anybody struggling with their health, please connect them with us. We are here to serve this community, and look forward to reaching even more people in 2023!

May this next year be a softer place to land. May we see the humanity in one another and the light within ourselves. May healing and true vitality emerge, and may we support you along the way.

So, thank you...for choosing yourself, for your trust, and for taking the time to read this message. We look forward to another year of serving our community and expanding our offerings in the new year!

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