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Established Patient Guidelines

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PCNH is a small business, specialty, naturopathic clinic ::

  • Our clinic is not an urgent care facility, nor are we available for 24/7 communication. 
  • Our providers are not accessible/available to be directly contacted by their patients, for not only is our patient base growing & expanding, but the clinic is also in the process of expanding as a whole in the future. We don't have the same essence as conventional medicine, working with a portal for communications for immediate assistance & responses to questions. We won't be moving in any future direction of direct patient/provider communication.
  • We do not offer primary care, not can we act as primary care providers. Please establish care with a primary care physician (PCP) if you have not already done so.
  • We are not credentialed & considered as PCPs with any insurance company. We also do not bill as PCPs. We’re credentialed as, considered as & bill as Specialists - Naturopathic Doctors. As mentioned on our website & on our New Patient Application as a statement you agreed to to confirm your application: "We offer primary care services, but according to commercial insurance, we are not defined as a primary care physician (PCP): we are defined as specialists (naturopathic physicians).”

Scheduling & Patient Portal Access :: Please refer to our Current Patients section on our website (see screenshot below!)

  • Multiple Appointments: If you're looking to schedule more than one appointment at a time, they must be scheduled on separate days to receive insurance coverage.
  • Reschedule/Cancel: If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment to a better time/day that works for you or cancel an appointment, simply click the 'Reschedule or Cancel Appointment’ button in your appointment confirmation email to make the change at your convenience. 
  • Disclaimer: Appointments are not scheduled automatically. Patients are responsible for scheduling & managing their appointments. We, as a clinic, do not schedule appointments on behalf of our patients.

Rescheduling/Cancellation/No-Show/Late Fee Policies :: Link

Health Plans ::

  • After your appointments take place, you’ll receive a Charm notification email regarding your After Visit Summary/Health Plan if applicable. Please log into your Charm Patient Portal to review, as well as any lab/test results, reference handout(s), etc.
  • Lab Orders, Referrals, Prior Authorizations, and Health Plan can take up to 3 days to process. We’ll always email you once everything has been finalized & processed.

Insurance/Billing Resources ::

FAQs :: Link

Future Communications :: Please email/text/call us directly, for all requests, questions, concerns, etc. 📧

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