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Rescheduling/Cancellation/No-Show/Late Fee Policies

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In the event you find that you are unable to be present for your appointment, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule or cancel so that we may make that appointment available to other patients in need of care. Rescheduling & canceling appointments can only be done independently without support from our office up to 24hrs before your appointment start time. *You will only need to contact us to reschedule or cancel an appointment after the 24hr mark. It's your responsibility to provide 24hr notice by phone to cancel, reschedule or change appointments.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your scheduled appointment to a better time/day that works for you, simply click the 'Change/Cancel’ button in your appointment confirmation email to make this change at your convenience.

New Patient Questionnaires Requirement :: If you show up to your appointment without completed Questionnaires, you no-show to your appointment or need to reschedule due to incomplete Questionnaires, we will have to charge you the $125 fee since we need to abide by our policies.

All patients who no-show &/or do not cancel/reschedule/contact us within this time period are subject to a fee ::

  • New Patient Appointments of any length: $125
  • All other appointments: $99

If you're late halfway into your scheduled appointment, you will be listed as a no-show and will need to reschedule/cancel your appointment. Halfway late patients are also subject to a fee ::

  • New Patient Appointments of any length: $125
  • 15min Appointments: 7.5mins late - $99
  • 25/30min Appointments: 15mins late - $105
  • 40/45min Appointments: 22.5 mins late - $115
  • 55/60min Appointments: 30mins late - $125

All of these fees cannot/will not be billed to insurance, and are entirely the patient's responsibility.

If a patient reschedules/cancels three consecutive appointments &/ or no-shows three consecutive times within a 1-3 month period the patient will not be scheduled again, until they speak directly with our Manager. The Manager will work with the patient’s provider to decide if the patient may return to our practice. The Manager will notify the patient of the final decision. If the patient is discharged from the practice, and email with or without a referral to another provider will be sent to the patient's email on file.

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