New Patient Process

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Becoming Our New Patient Is Easy

Your body is unique, powerful, and intelligent. Your treatment should be, too.

1. Apply to be our patient

Please take a moment to fill out our online New Patient Application by clicking here. We only accept new patient applications via our online process and do not accept applications via phone. We do not allow new patient appointments until the new patient process is completed. This form only takes a minute or two to fill out!

Why we have a New Patient Application

Please take a moment to apply so we can find out if we’re a good fit for you! We want to be the best health collaborators possible, so we need to make sure we're aligned with your requests, expectations, etc.

If you’re looking for a quick-fix prescriber, we’re not the clinic for you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a quick fix. If you’re looking for a practitioner that will help you to get to the root cause of what’s going on with you and support your body’s ability to restore health, we’re all in!

(Don’t worry about lengthy responses, or about convincing us. If you’re interested in being a balanced, healthy, and thriving human being, we’ll get along great!)

2. Insurance coverage & benefits

New Patient Appointments and Follow-up Appointments can be paid for directly if you do not have insurance coverage. If you have insurance, we will do a benefits check to verify your benefits & coverage once you submit photos of the front & back of your insurance cards through the application or email. We will get back to you within 2-4 days about what your insurance benefits/coverage may be.

Please be advised that there is no guarantee with insurance coverage. Click here to review the insurance we accept.

3. Complete required Questionnaires.

Please look out for the required Questionnaires sent from our online client portal Charm that you will need to complete before your New Patient Appointment. You should receive an email from Charm.

Completed Questionnaires are a requirement.

4. Schedule your New Patient Appointment!

An email will be sent to you once you apply with more details on how to get scheduled.


  • The clinic is not an urgent care facility.
  • Our doctors does not offer free consultations.
  • Our doctors & staff are not available for 24/7 communication.
  • Our doctors are not Primary Care Providers--We are a small specialty clinic
  • The best way to reach our clinic is by email. You can send your message to

We take a personalized,
 patient-centered holistic approach 
to help elevate your health so you feel better.

Healthy, thriving wholeness is within reach for everyone.