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đź’§Constitutional Hydrotherapyđź’§ w/ Dr. Nik

Written by Portland Clinic of Natural Health on January 31, 2023

Constitutional Hydrotherapy w/ Dr. Nik Belikoff-Strads, ND

Dr. Nik’s favorite therapy/treatment that he offers here at PCNH
is Constitutional Hydrotherapy.

“Healing with contrast hot & cold water applications is a powerful therapy particularly for this colder, darker season because it supports healthy circulation & immune function.”

Constitutional Hydrotherapy incorporates the therapeutic use of water to find balance in the nervous system, increase circulation of blood and lymph, and gently detoxify the body.

During this 40/45min appointment, the patient lays on the table and gets covered with warm, wet towels and a dry blanket. Once the body is warm, the towels will be replaced with cool towels, and the process will be repeated until the end of the session.

This therapy is intended to treat an array of conditions, both chronic and acute. Some examples are:

chronic illness
chronic pain
digestion & GI issues
… & so much more!

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