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The Naturopathic Journey: Why "Having Skin in the Game" Matters

Written by Portland Clinic of Natural Health on November 6, 2023

To truly heal, one must be deeply committed, not just to the outcome, but to the process. This sentiment is especially true in naturopathic medicine, which views health as a holistic endeavor, intertwining mind, body, and spirit. From this perspective, "having skin in the game" isn’t just a phrase—it's an essential component of wellness.

Understanding the Commitment

In conventional medicine, patients might receive a prescription and be on their way. While this approach has its merits, it often addresses symptoms rather than root causes. Naturopathic healing, on the other hand, calls for a more profound level of participation. It’s not just about taking a supplement or herb; it’s about lifestyle changes, diet modifications, mental shifts, and consistent self-awareness.

Why "Skin in the Game" Matters

Deep Healing: Many health issues stem from deep-seated imbalances or long-held habits. Adjusting these requires sincere dedication, effort, and time. If one isn’t fully committed, surface-level solutions might temporarily mask symptoms, but true healing remains elusive.

Accountability: Just as a financial investor watches their investments more closely, a person deeply invested in their health becomes more attuned to their body's needs. This active engagement leads to better choices, keener intuition, and heightened accountability.

Empowerment: When you truly commit, there's a sense of empowerment that follows. You’re no longer a passive receiver of health directives; you're an active participant in your wellness journey. This mindset shift can make a world of difference in outcomes.

The Challenge of Complex Chronic Illness

For individuals grappling with complex chronic illnesses like tick-borne diseases, the healing journey often presents unique and multifaceted challenges. These conditions can manifest in an array of symptoms, both physical and neurological, that fluctuate in intensity and can sometimes be elusive to standard diagnostic methods. This unpredictability can lead to feelings of isolation, frustration, and despair.

In such cases, the principles of naturopathy become even more vital. Deep-rooted issues, such as environmental infections, require not just medical interventions but also a profound commitment to understanding and nurturing one's entire being. This journey can indeed be arduous, making the need for having "skin in the game" all the more crucial. Only with unwavering dedication can one navigate the labyrinth of chronic illness to find genuine, holistic healing.

Naturopathic Healing at Portland Clinic of Natural Health

At the Portland Clinic of Natural Health, naturopathic doctors understand the intricate dance of factors that come into play in chronic disease. Recognizing that illnesses are often a culmination of multiple underlying issues—whether they stem from deficiencies, toxicities, mitochondrial insufficiencies, or a combination thereof—their approach is rooted in restoring balance.

By meticulously identifying and addressing the 'obstacles to cure,' these practitioners work diligently to set the stage for optimal health. Their aim is not just to treat symptoms but to foster an environment where the body's innate vital force awakens. Once this vital force is activated, the body, in its inherent wisdom, strives towards self-healing. This understanding that disease is multifactorial underscores the importance of a holistic approach, allowing individuals to navigate their path to wellness with the support and guidance they truly deserve.

Embracing the Journey

It’s worth noting that "having skin in the game" doesn’t imply a smooth path. There will be trials, errors, and moments of doubt. However, it's in these moments that true healing potential shines through. It's where resilience is built, lessons are learned, and deeper understanding is forged.

In the vast tapestry of health, each of us has a unique thread to weave. The vibrancy and strength of that thread depend largely on our commitment. By truly investing in our health, by genuinely having "skin in the game," we open ourselves up to the transformative power of naturopathic healing. We don't just get well—we flourish.

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